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29 products

Bride Satin Robe, Satin Bathrobe Bride

You've spent so much time sorting through slinky satin gowns, velvety bodices, and slippery bolts of expensive brocade while shopping for your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. With all the hours you’ve used to fine-tune the look that you and your wedding party will be wearing, it seems like a tragic waste to save all your new finery for a few hours of ceremony, dinner, and bouquet-throwing before retiring it forever. Of course, there's no reason that you and all of the friends, sisters, and favorite cousins that you've invited into your parade of splendidly styled bridesmaids have to spend just one evening enjoying the soft, regal sort of happiness that comes when you finally have the chance to dress in all your best clothes, jewelry, and glittering accessories.

Satin Bridesmaid Robes, Satin Wedding Robes, White Satin Robe Bride

This line of satin robes for bridesmaids gives you a cheap, yet satisfyingly luxurious way of treating your attendants to the same love and attention that they’re giving you in the days before your wedding. If you’re feeling particularly decadent, you can even suggest to your circle of friends that these could serve as satin bathrobes for bridesmaids just as easily as they do classy lounge wear: after all, what good is luxury if you can’t make it a part of your everyday life?

Satin Robes for Bridal Party

There’s nothing quite like a fine satin robe to keep you covered up while relaxing or going through your morning routine. Our best satin robes are luxuriously soft, and our selection is sexy, stylish, and fashionable! We carry a variety of lengths, cuts, colors and patterns, which means that you’ll have no problem finding the perfect satin robe right here!

Looking for a bridesmaids’ gift that’s both functional and trendy? We recommend a set of matched, satin robes for a wedding day take-away that won’t soon be forgotten!