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4 products

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Between the frothy skirts that rustle, bustle and twirl through every spare inch of the boutiques and bridal departments you’ve visited, the gossamer trains you’ve trailed down a million makeshift aisles while you’re practicing your wedding march in a parade of potential gowns, and the series of waltz-length veils you tried on before you found the right headpiece to go with your dress, every bride knows that a wedding ceremony is made of memorable moments and white lace. Now you and all your bridesmaids can enjoy the perfect, princess-like feeling you get from the perfect wedding gown any time you please, without worrying about any of the smears of dust and dirt, ugly rips or vivid wine stains that end up ruining your dress in all your worst wedding nightmares.

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When you drift out of bed in a white lace bridal robe like the ones in our luxurious lineup of bridal lounge-wear, you'll be adding a frothy and feminine hint of timeless, wedding-white glamour to everything from the hours you've spent ordering favors and invitations from your desk at home to the long evenings you'll spend bonding with the supportive friends, family members, and fiancé who made your upcoming wedding day possible.

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If you’ve been looking for the ideal shear and sexy robe for your wedding night, look no further. You’ll own the evening in a robe that doesn’t compromise comfort for looks -- whether you want an elegant, simple style or wild and sexy flair! No matter your preference, our catalog features a large variety of scrumptious, must-have lace robes!

Wanting something less revealing? We carry a variety of fabrics and styles, from soft waffle robes to silky, floral kimono robes. Browse through our selection and we’re sure you’ll find a robe to adore for years!