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8 products

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You've already planned your wedding day down to the last bouquet of classic red roses and picture-perfect carnations that you’re sending down the aisle with your attendants, the final sprig of fragrant, curling greenery in the centerpieces at your reception, the nosegays and sprays of orchid and orange blossoms that will line the aisle as you drift toward your fiance to the sound of the Wedding March, and the shade of petal that will bring out the color in your cheeks as your flower-bearing hands lift your veil for the first kiss of your marriage.

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Why not plan a gift for yourself and all the wonderful women in your bridal party using the same unerring taste? With this line of floral robes for bridesmaids, you should have all the comfortable choices, lush colors, and size options that you’ll need to create a blushing, blossoming garden of cozy party favors. Just spend a few minutes mixing, matching, and filling your shopping cart in our section of tantalizing, botanically-themed lounge wear, and you’ll have a part of the wedding process that fits both the bridal party and the busy bride in the mirror as completely as your wedding colors fit your romantic daydreams.

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Bridesmaid gifts are a cinch once you’ve discovered our fine selection of top-quality robes! Our floral line is designed for both comfort and style, with many brilliant patterns and cozy cuts to choose from. From wraparounds to kimono-style robes, your bridesmaids will love wearing their new robes while preparing for the ceremony -- and for years to come!

Be sure to explore our complete line of romantic, inspired robes suited to any occasion. From lace to spa-quality waffle fabrics, we’ve got the perfect robe for every body!