Why Hotels Should Carry Bathrobes for Kids, Too

More and more hotels have begun offering bathrobes to their guests, a trend that reflects both the desire for enhanced customer experiences and the falling costs of quality robes. For the most part, mid-range to high-end hotels are the most likely to offer these amenities – and sometimes only by request. For those hotels that do offer them, the added comfort and luxury is almost certainly appreciated by their guests.


Even as more hotels are making these robes available, a smaller segment of their consumer base is often overlooked: children. Depending on the location of the hotel – the Vegas strip probably sees fewer younger guests than say, Disney World – a good number of guests could be passing through with their children in tow.


For better or for worse, children often become influencers in regards to family decision making. They’re also a major influencer of the experience overall in any given situation. It might not be the hotel’s fault if a guest’s child is throwing a tantrum, but the guest will still remember having a bad time while staying there. Emotions are tricky like that.

Naturally, no hotel is going out of their way to disappoint their younger guests, but are they taking steps to address their customer experience? This is precisely why we love the idea of providing personalized kids robes to little guests! Not only will these robes give them a comfortable garment to wear at bedtime and around the pool, but also make them feel just as special as mommy and daddy when they’re given the same five-star treatment!


With the cost of robes as low as we’re able to provide them at Robemaster, the concept of providing child-sized bathrobes to guests is almost a no-lose proposition. Guests of all sizes will be able to enjoy the comfort, while the hotel enjoys happier patrons with kids who are clamoring to come back. This is our favorite kind of win-win situation!

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