There is No Party Without Robes for Bridesmaids

Although it’s easy to forget about them, the “getting ready” shots are going to be on most wedding photographers’ list of must-have captures. This series of shots illustrates the process before the ceremony itself: all of the goings-on in the bridal suite ranging from hair styling to makeup. As a bride or planner, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to realize that your getting ready shots are doomed to look disorganized and uninspired!


Many brides have discovered a fantastic, simple fix: custom robes for the bride and bridesmaids! A quick skim through Pinterest will reveal just how popular these robes are in modern weddings. Those photos take on a new level of romance and excitement when the bridesmaids and bride are clad in complimentary robes with colorful floral patterns, elegant lace, or other noteworthy elements.


Of course, the fact that these robes liven up the memories and serve as reusable wedding gifts makes them even more sought after. Everyone loves a keepsake that they can enjoy for years and years after the ceremony has ended!


Our huge selection of robes at makes it super easy to find the right look – matching or complimentary, or anything in between. We can even personalize your robes to denote bridesmaids, maid-of-honor, or other positions within the wedding party. (Of course, the actual names of the members of your entourage can also be added to their robes!)

In addition to customization options, our floral robes for bridesmaids span the whole range of fabrics and cuts. From sheer satin to waffle to kimono-styles, we have them all!


Our robes are made from the finest quality fabrics, making them among the absolute best robes for wedding gifts, bridesmaids, and just about anything else that demands comfort and style. Get ready the right way with a luxurious bridal robe!

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