Bride and Bridesmaid Robes Take the Bridal Party to a Whole New Level


Typically, when one starts looking for gifts to bestow upon the wedding party, a personal touch is desired. Men will often give engraved watches to their groomsmen, and brides sometimes choose monogrammed and dated charm bracelets for their entourage. But not every wedding crosses the price threshold for such gifts, easily totaling in over four digits in added expenses for the bride and groom.


personalised bridesmaid robes

For the past few years, fine robes have become a much sought-after accessory for every wedding. Brides love dressing down in a cozy, soft robe while preparing for their ceremony – and morning preparation time came be so stressful and hurried that any added comfort is welcomed! When it comes time for photographs, the desire for a cohesive, planned look has brought robes into the spotlight. Not only are they able to provide comfort during the “getting ready” process, colorful, stylish robes also make those picture pop. Any bride or planner who’s looking to add a special touch to their album should definitely consider colorful, patterned robes.


Your bridesmaids will definitely enjoy the satin bridal robes, and you don’t want to forget them! Being able to take the robes home to use over and over again makes them an extra-special treat for all. We’ve received tons of great feedback from bridal customers who tell us that the addition of robes made a HUGE impression on their party…well worth the relatively low cost of providing the robes.


And there’s something even better! Our comprehensive robe are best for embroidery and monogramming on many of our fine products. Adding the personal touch is easy, and we use only the most trustworthy production methods to ensure your robe will last and last. At Robe Master, we take pride in our extensive selection and quality robes. Take a look at our catalog now and make these sought-after robes part of your big day!