Monogrammed Robes and Embroidered Robes are Just More Personal

If you been following wedding trends (and if you’re planning for your own wedding, we know you have been!) then you know robes are making their way into many plans this season. Brides are looking to spice up their “getting ready” pictures before the ceremony, and they’re also choosing robes for their convenience and comfort during the oft-lengthy preparation stage.

Since matching robes add even more of a touch to the event, it’s become very common for brides to select and provide the robes for the bridesmaids, as well as her own. Not only does this help to set the tone, but the robes then become a fantastic gift that every bridesmaid will love to take home.

Yes, any of our beautiful robes for bridesmaids make an excellent gift, but we also provide embroidering and monogramming services that allow customers to make these gifts even more personal and memorable. Best of all, the wide variety of embroidery options makes it easy to design the perfect robe for your wedding party!

Our embroidery options include letters and simple line graphics, available on front, back, or both sides of the robe. We can customize your embroidery in several different colors using high-quality stitching, making our robe embroidery both long-lasting and great looking.

When browsing our catalog, be sure to check out our selection of fabrics, styles, and patterns. We carry satin, cotton, waffle, and kimono-style robes to suit almost any need. Choose the style that delights you, and then check for customization options to see how simple it is to add a monogram or other embroidered touch. Personalizing your monogrammed bridal robes in the way that has never been easier!

There’s almost no limit to what we can do when it comes to your customized wedding robes, and everyone can agree on the power of a personal touch when it comes to special gifts. Are you ready to select your perfect robes? We invite you to contact Robe Master with your project and let us serve you!

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